High quality, great prices


Our in-house production guarantees that the quality of our products is tightly controlled. We take the greatest care to ensure that our high standards are maintained.





About us, our politics and philosophy:

We are a small European factory (located in the south of Poland), our main aim is to offer wholesale quantity of yoga props to EU yoga shops. We place great stress on the high quality of our products. We buy the best quality textiles, tapes, zips, etc...



More about our quality:

We always maintain our high quality, we use quality materials, tapes, zips, etc... It does not matter whether you are ordering one parcel or one pallet or more - the quality is the same, we do not hurry the production process.


As for  sewing machines we use the following professional machines: pfaff, durkop adler, juki, etc... We use the best quality and strong/safe threads from amann and coats. We use best quality, safe, durable tapes and zips from YKK, coats, alpha.



Our tempo of production:

Generally we need one week to produce a pallet of goods.

With yoga bags or yoga belts, to produce 100 pcs we need several days more.

We work this way: we work on  only one order at a time. When finished/sent out, we are free/able to take a new order.  We will keep you continuously informed about the production schedule and are always open to discuss new procedures and timetables.  



A few words about our buckwheat: 

We use only organic buckwheat from eco-agricultural pools here, in Poland (eco certificated). The buckwheat comes from hot process of dividing from seeds, therefore with no bugs, etc..., dry and clean.

This year we have just had a new delivery of buckwheat.



Prices of products:

We offer competitive prices for our products, but always our materials, tapes, zips follow our  high quality and standards of production.


We can negotiate the price by e-mail or over the phone.  The price we agree is binding for both sides, provided that you make the  order within 7 days from our agreeing the price. 


As we are operating  in Poland, which is not yet a euro member yet, we may have to adjust our prices to take account of changes in the exchange rate between the euro and the Polish zloty. We give our  prices in euro.


You are welcome to ask for free samples of products you are interested in. We can send them without charge, you only pay for transport/post cost.


We are a EU VAT registered company (our number is: PL8971387336).

If you are also an EU VAT customer, you are not charged VAT (no VAT).

By mail we quote gross prices (excl. VAT).



Krzysztof Zubowski 

LOTOS Szkola Hatha-Jogi 

ul. Zeromskiego 24/36

57-300 Klodzko


NIP EU:  PL8971387336


Account Owner:  LOTOS Szkola Hatha-Jogi Krzysztof Zubowski

Bank Addresse:  BRE BANK SA, Lodz al. Mickiewicza 10, Poland


IBAN:  PL73 1140 2004 0000 3102 3849 4937






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